This is a new Packback blog that is focused on issues the engineering team is tackling, to share our knowledge with the whole wide world. This will be a collection of blog posts, screencasts of presentations and audio recordings of podcasts or presentations, all around the technical challenges of creating a product to awaken the fearless, relentless curiosity inside every student.

Why are we publishing this blog? We are doing some incredible things here at Packback, and it’s about time we document them. It’s also valuable that we start to show them off to the rest of the world.

What do we hope to accomplish? The intention of this site is to ensure that the history around what we are doing is not lost. While the artifacts from a presentation, or the actual product containing a feature or initiative are valuable. Greater value comes from being able to share what we’ve learned along the path of creation. It is to this end that we must document our path to learning and share it with the community so that others may learn from what we’ve accomplished and grow their own knowledge.

We hope you’ll join us on that path.

Stay curious,

The Packback Engineering Team